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What is Christmas really about?

What are the first things that come to your mind when you hear Christmas? I bet it
is rather stress and shopping, than joy and helping others. But what should it be about?

In my opinion that’s a simple question. Christmas should be about joy, helping people in need and spending time with the people you love. But actually doing these things isn’t as easy as it might sound. In our world Christmas has become a competition between stores. Who has the cheapest sales-prices? Where can you find the best gifts? For many people the time before Christmas has become a stressful-running-from-one-shop-to-the-other-time. People pass each other without a smile, but rather with angry looks on their faces, because they have spent too much time in the crammed shopping malls.  But that’s not how it should be. Continue reading What is Christmas really about?

The Christmas Shopping Craze: Is this really necessary for a good gift?

Now that Christmas is almost here, many people are going crazy with stress because they want to buy a present for every friend and relative. This can be really hard if you don’t really know the person or if you don’t want to put a lot of effort into your present. So many people end up rushing through a shopping center buying some weird decoration stuff that nobody needs or they buy vouchers because they don’t want to think of an idea of their own for a present.

To me this whole Christmas shopping craze really sucks. I don’t think that this is the true spirit of Christmas. For me Christmas and the time before Christmas is a time to settle down, a time where one can be with your family or friends and it should be a cozy time. Not a time where everyone is stressed out. I think that stress only ruins the spirit of Christmas. Continue reading The Christmas Shopping Craze: Is this really necessary for a good gift?

Christmas Gifts For Your Family!

Christmas is coming soon and everybody is in a rush because they still need some Christmas present for their family. If you are one of these people, then these tips for gifts will be perfect for you.

One of my favorite presents is great for your mother and your father. You just print out a picture of your family and then put it into a nice little picture frame. I think it is a personal present and you can do it in less than 10 minutes. Continue reading Christmas Gifts For Your Family!

The Real Point of Christmas!

As Christmas is approaching, many people’s thoughts turn to buying the most wonderful Christmas present and this often makes it a quite stressful time of the year for numerous people. Many parents try to fulfill the wishes which make it to the top of their often spoiled children’s lists.
This year we, the class of 5b, want to encourage as many people as possible out there to do just a little thing, which will make a few of many poor people out there smile. It doesn’t matter whether the people you help are homeless, neighbors, refugees or simply elderly. Continue reading The Real Point of Christmas!

How to Decorate on a Budget

In my opinion, decoration your house or the streets is a very big part of Christmas. It makes the streets look beautiful and gives your house a Christmas touch. Everything is good about that, but if you go into IKEA or XXXLutz for example you will be shocked how much their decorations actually cost. I also decorate my house to add a festive flair. Here are some tips and tricks for you.

Continue reading How to Decorate on a Budget

What Is Christmas Nowadays?

On Black Friday, people gather around in groups or alone in front of
a mall or a shop, just to squeeze themselves through the masses of people. They push and shove their way to the front and wait hours just to get the Christmas presents for their loved ones a bit cheaper. I think this is ridiculous. Why would I fight over a cheaper version of something not coming from my heart anyway, together with a person who would do anything to rip it out of my hand? Continue reading What Is Christmas Nowadays?

Christmas on a Budget


Here is the perfect guide on how to decorate your home, find gifts and more, all within your budget.

We all know that Christmastime can be a particularly stressful time, especially when shopping for Christmas presents in crammed and hot store and what if your friend doesn’t like the present? The perfect gift doesn’t have to be expensive, even if the media try to convince you of the opposite, it’s much nicer to get a thoughtful present, maybe even something home-made. Continue reading Christmas on a Budget

Best Christmas Market in Graz

If you want your Christmas present to be super high quality and handmade, know the right place for you to go.

The best Christmas market in Graz that I know, is on Färberplatz. Everyone there is selling and buying good quality stuff. Also you can listen to the best live music while eating Nutella pancakes.

This market opens every year around Christmas. It is located in the center of Graz, near the Main Square. There aren´t as many people as at the “Christkindl Markt” on the Main Square, but that isn´t a bad thing. Continue reading Best Christmas Market in Graz