An Open Letter to Santa

Dear Santa,

This year I’d just like to know some things from you, no presents!

First of all, I’d like to know where you get all the presents from, are you making them yourself, are your workers making them or are you simply buying them?  Which brings me to my next question.

How are you able to afford all this stuff, I mean your workers, the presents, your vehicles and so on. Since you are not getting paid for being Santa, that would be great to know.

About your home, are you really living on the north pole and have you got some friends and family there, at least you have to have kids, a Santa junior, who would otherwise bring the presents when you retire?

Now I come to my favorite question. With what kind of vehicle are you transporting all the presents, it has to be huge, fast and I guess it is able to fly, it would be great if you could tell me the name of the company which is producing them, because I’d like to get one for Easter.

Which brings me to another question, is the Easter Bunny a friend of yours? Or are you kind of competing against each other?

How do you manage to putt all the presents under the Christmas tree on time, and how are you able to come into the houses, you have to have helpers, otherwise this stuff must be Impossible?

Now I come to my last topic, if you really exist why is there still war for example in Syria  or why are still lots of people living in slums in Brazil, there are lots of people who only wish peace or better living conditions.  Another indicator that you don’t exist would be that kids with parents who earn more money get bigger parents too, though they are wishing to get the same presents.

That would be a real wish, feed the people, stop the war. Thank you in advanced.

Yours Moritz

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