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What does it take to get the driver’s license for a moped?

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could ride your scooter to school or to appointments without always depending on your parents or public transport? Here I am going to tell you what you need, in order to do that.

Basically you can get the moped driver’s license from the age of 16 but you can even get it a bit earlier, if your parents sign a form which says that they are ok with you getting it at the age of 15. You can start taking lessons half a year before your 15th birthday (14 and a half). If you have passed the theoretical test and the practical hours the earliest you can get the license is on your 15th birthday.

You have to take 6 hours of the theoretical courses, 8 practical hours with the moped and two out of the 8 hours are spent on the road.

Now more about the test itself:

Lucky you, you only have to take a theoretical test where you have to get at least 80% right (19 out of 23) to pass. There is no test for the driving, but if you are very bad and insecure during those two hours on the road you are most likely to have to repeat them.

Of course taking the driver’s license is not  free. It is actually quite expensive. Usually you need to pay 179€ but the cost varies depending on where you do it. Another 60€ have to be paid to get the final driver’s license plus an additional 10 euros for the study materials. You get 5 euros back if you return the study materials. For registration you need your birth certificate, your passport and 2 passport photos, then you are good to go.

Don’t forget to ride carefully once you are out on the roads.









How To Make Your Dog Useful

There are more than 450 million dogs in the world right now, making them one of the most popular pets. What people often forget is that training your dogs isn’t just an annoying necessity but it can be really helpful too.
I originally trained my dog to do these tricks for movies, but since I am an incredibly lazy person, I soon started to use them in day-to-day life. Continue reading How To Make Your Dog Useful

Study Tips, Hacks And Tricks!

If you go to school, there’s a chance that you have studied for a test at some point or another. And most people don’t enjoy it at all, whether you are studying for math, biology or foreign languages. Everyone studies at their own pace and for however long they want, and the minutes (or hours) spent studying often vary depending on the subject. For me personally, it completely depends on the subject. I tend to start studying for math two weeks in advance, often an hour a day, while for science tests and foreign language tests I start either one or two days before the test, and spend one or two hours studying. Continue reading Study Tips, Hacks And Tricks!

Every Student’s Worst Enemy


What would you say is stopping you the most from being successful in school? Teachers who have their favorites? Jealous pupils? No. It’s procrastination. You can’t imagine how many days I’ve procrastinated writing this post and how much time I’ve spent on the internet looking at procrastination memes to prepare to write this text.

I’m sure every one of you has procrastinated at least once, whether it was doing homework, studying for a test or cleaning your room. Right now I am procrastinating studying for my Maths exam, Continue reading Every Student’s Worst Enemy