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I’m going to write about the sport fencing because I have been doing fencing for nearly three years now. I know this isn’t long but I still want to tell you what fencing is all about because many people don’t know anything about the modern sport fencing. Fencing isn’t only the ancient way of solving problems or something you see in pirate movies. It is a sport and somehow it is even more than that. Fencing is about getting full control of your body and thinking strategically while reacting very fast. You not only get to know your opponent a lot but you get to know a lot about yourself as well. This sport helps me to get to know my strengths better and to realize how to use them.    Continue reading Fencing

The Christmas Shopping Craze: Is this really necessary for a good gift?

Now that Christmas is almost here, many people are going crazy with stress because they want to buy a present for every friend and relative. This can be really hard if you don’t really know the person or if you don’t want to put a lot of effort into your present. So many people end up rushing through a shopping center buying some weird decoration stuff that nobody needs or they buy vouchers because they don’t want to think of an idea of their own for a present.

To me this whole Christmas shopping craze really sucks. I don’t think that this is the true spirit of Christmas. For me Christmas and the time before Christmas is a time to settle down, a time where one can be with your family or friends and it should be a cozy time. Not a time where everyone is stressed out. I think that stress only ruins the spirit of Christmas. Continue reading The Christmas Shopping Craze: Is this really necessary for a good gift?

Are vegan products better for our environment?



Since I’m vegetarian I also tried being vegan for a while. Being vegetarian, which means not eating any meat is easy for me, since we never ate a lot of meat in my family and I’ve never wanted to eat an animal, which makes one also partly responsible for it getting killed. So in my opinion being vegetarian is much better than eating meat. But what about avoiding everything which comes from animals? Is it bad for animals if we eat things like milk, yoghurt, cheese or eggs? Most of the animal products, except meat or leather, don’t hurt the animals if we take them. So is it really better to be vegan, not only for the animals, but also for our environment? Continue reading Are vegan products better for our environment?