What Is Christmas Nowadays?

On Black Friday, people gather around in groups or alone in front of
a mall or a shop, just to squeeze themselves through the masses of people. They push and shove their way to the front and wait hours just to get the Christmas presents for their loved ones a bit cheaper. I think this is ridiculous. Why would I fight over a cheaper version of something not coming from my heart anyway, together with a person who would do anything to rip it out of my hand?

Nowadays I think Christmas has lost its meaning. When kids think about Christmas, they think about a new TV, a PlayStation or a new phone. Christmas is about giving, giving something to celebrate the health of the family, the ability that they can celebrate Christmas together. But do we fulfill that tradition by only giving meaningless stuff?

I get it, kids nowadays just see it as normal and completely traditional to receive expensive stuff. Of course, stuff is more expensive today. But when did the word “money” turn into the word “present”?

Presents are personal, I think when I gave my mom a painting of a brown horse when I was three, she was happier than me giving her a real grown horse in the future. I hope you get my point here, presents don’t have to be expensive, presents should come from   one´s heart.

Of course you can get your child a phone, a car or anything like that(!), but do you really think that Christmas is the right time for that? Well, I think most of the people just don´t take Christmas the way it should be taken; celebrating family and  the health of the family and friends. I just think that some people use Christmas as a time to give their kids or people stuff that they just need, because it broke or it’s not working anymore for example a phone, but Christmas shouldn´t be used as an apology for kids to get new stuff. At Christmas we should all turn off our phones for a few hours, to finally celebrate and receive small gifts coming from the heart.

Christmas again, is personal. So this is my personal interpretation of Christmas, maybe, and for sure(!) yours is different. That´s why Christmas isn´t ruled by
anyone but you. So enjoy it, enjoy it the way you want to enjoy it, just enjoy it!

Merry Christmas!





picture link (pixabay):                                                    https://pixabay.com/en/christmas-bells-metallizer-factory-1791779/





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