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My name is Rosa and my interests are mainly sports, dogs and science. My blogs will mainly be about these topics but I might also share my opinions and views about what is going on in the world at the moment. I love editing videos too so maybe I might share one or two in the future. I regularly take my dog to competitions and may take you along on the way. I have strong beliefs about some topics but always try to stay open to different views and willing to rethink. I hope you’ll enjoy reading my blogs!

The 5 Best Exotic Pets

Pets can be a wonderful addition to one’s life and often bring great joy to their owners. For some people however, the common pets are just not suitable. This can have a variety of reasons, ranging from an allergy to just not liking them. Another reason to not choose a “normal” pet could also simply be an interest in a specific, exotic animal.
Unfortunately, most exotic animals are very hard to keep or should not be kept as pets at all, for example foxes or big cats.

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Why You Should Join A Sports Team

As students, most young people spend many hours a day sitting and studying, at least 5-6 hours in school and several more in the afternoon. Then often, when they do have free time, a lot of students just want to relax and sit around even more. Of course everybody knows that this is unhealthy but many lack the motivation to work out after a long day of school. This combination of no exercise and often also a poor diet can have devastating effects on students’ health. Continue reading Why You Should Join A Sports Team

How To Make Your Dog Useful

There are more than 450 million dogs in the world right now, making them one of the most popular pets. What people often forget is that training your dogs isn’t just an annoying necessity but it can be really helpful too.
I originally trained my dog to do these tricks for movies, but since I am an incredibly lazy person, I soon started to use them in day-to-day life. Continue reading How To Make Your Dog Useful

A Day in Dog Sports


In the last few years the dog sport industry has been booming, making dog sports almost as varied and popular as human sports. There is a huge number of different activities in which dogs can be trained and taken to competitions, such as Agility, Dock Diving, Disc Dog or Canine Freestyle, to name just a few. This big variety allows any dog to participate in some kind of activity, regardless of the size, breed or age. If done correctly, dog sports are a great way to build a strong bond between dogs and their handlers and also to tire and balance a dog out. Continue reading A Day in Dog Sports