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Austrian lakes to travel to in summer

I personally love Austrian lakes, because for me, they replace the sea. It is cheap going there, and almost always really close. Whenever me and my family don´t know where to go on vacation, we always travel to an Austrian lake. Here are some of the lakes me and my family like alot:

Greenlake – Styria

Close to a little village called Tragöß, there is a really famous lake called “Green lake”. The name fits perfect, because the lakes water is a dynamic green color. The lake is created from the melting snow from the Karst mountains, that´s why the temperature of the lake is constantly cold, even in summer. Anyhow, the lake is extremely famous. Especially because it offers scuba diving in the lake with a guide and a wet suit to resist the cold.   Continue reading Austrian lakes to travel to in summer

What Is Christmas Nowadays?

On Black Friday, people gather around in groups or alone in front of
a mall or a shop, just to squeeze themselves through the masses of people. They push and shove their way to the front and wait hours just to get the Christmas presents for their loved ones a bit cheaper. I think this is ridiculous. Why would I fight over a cheaper version of something not coming from my heart anyway, together with a person who would do anything to rip it out of my hand? Continue reading What Is Christmas Nowadays?