Self Driving cars

What use will these cars be? Why are they not yet allowed on the streets? What is the currently sold car capable of?

Self-driving cars have become reality, there is no doubt. They´re just not yet legal, because they´re not really finished yet. But there have been a lot of big steps forward to make the self-driving car public recently.

The new Skoda Kodiaq already has features that remind us of “Back to the Future”; scanning the lines on the streets, starting to beep if you are about to cross a full line and even scanning street sings to prevent you from driving above the speed limit. It is truly amazing what scientists have achieved during these last 5 years concerning transport, and thinking of what they might achieve in the next 5 years makes me excited about the future.

But, what could these cars be used for?

Many car drivers complain about the elderly people still participate actively in the streets-as they drive slow, lack in reflexes and might forget certain rules that are essential for safe driving. With cars being able to take care of all these things themselves, even old people can continue to drive “themselves” and be able to move from one place to another without having to call a family member or a taxi. These are also able to ensure safety in the streets since they can prevent drivers from crossing lines they shouldn´t cross or to exceed the speed limit and could prevent accidents and with that- driving would become a lot safer.

And isn´t that what we are trying to achieve? Safety?

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