The Christmas Shopping Craze: Is this really necessary for a good gift?

Now that Christmas is almost here, many people are going crazy with stress because they want to buy a present for every friend and relative. This can be really hard if you don’t really know the person or if you don’t want to put a lot of effort into your present. So many people end up rushing through a shopping center buying some weird decoration stuff that nobody needs or they buy vouchers because they don’t want to think of an idea of their own for a present.

To me this whole Christmas shopping craze really sucks. I don’t think that this is the true spirit of Christmas. For me Christmas and the time before Christmas is a time to settle down, a time where one can be with your family or friends and it should be a cozy time. Not a time where everyone is stressed out. I think that stress only ruins the spirit of Christmas.

I don’t think that it is really necessary to run around like a maniac buying presents, but one can also try to make a Christmas gift oneself. It’s much more personal and the people you give it to will be even happier because they see that you have put effort into creating your own present for them that comes from your heart. Especially if you are younger and you give a self-made gift to a relative, especially to grandparents, they will be very proud of you. If you buy something for them, you just can’t produce the same feelings. It doesn’t matter what you make but it’s just much nicer than buying some Christmas ornament or angel that will be put into the basement a few days later and nobody will ever care about it again.

Some good ideas for self-made Christmas gifts are for example all kinds of decoration. Decorating candles or Christmas ornaments is not too much work and it’s a lot of fun too. Also cookies or things made of gingerbread are easy to make. They look very nice if you decorate them with sugar icing or other things and I think that they taste almost everyone:).

But now some of you might think that they don’t have enough time to make a gift their own for everyone. I think a good idea would be to draw the name of only one member of your family or class. Then everyone can specialize on one person only and put in a lot more effort for their present.

I wish you a merry Christmas and a lot of fun by making your presents!



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