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Hello! My name is Doki. I really enjoy to do sports and listen to good music. I like to visit new places and if I could I would immediately go on a world tour ;) I love anything that has got to do someting with food, weather it is baking, cooking or eating. I am interested in journalism and history, also I like languages. Well I'd say thats enough information on me. Have fun reading this great blog :)

An open letter to the American President

Dear Mister President,

These are not only the first three words of my blog post. It’s also the three first words and the title of a song written by the singer Pink. I might say that her, in my opinion critical song, which was an open letter to former US President George W. Bush, inspired me a bit. It got me thinking that an open letter to you dear Mister President, would be perfect.

Well first of all, dear Mister President, I am sorry for you. If I were you I wouldn’t feel like a real president. You must face the truth more people voted for your opponent than for you, dear Mister President. More people wished to see another person living in the White House. Less people wanted to be stuck with you, dear Mister president for the next four years.  Continue reading An open letter to the American President

What is Christmas really about?

What are the first things that come to your mind when you hear Christmas? I bet it
is rather stress and shopping, than joy and helping others. But what should it be about?

In my opinion that’s a simple question. Christmas should be about joy, helping people in need and spending time with the people you love. But actually doing these things isn’t as easy as it might sound. In our world Christmas has become a competition between stores. Who has the cheapest sales-prices? Where can you find the best gifts? For many people the time before Christmas has become a stressful-running-from-one-shop-to-the-other-time. People pass each other without a smile, but rather with angry looks on their faces, because they have spent too much time in the crammed shopping malls.  But that’s not how it should be. Continue reading What is Christmas really about?