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Why you should go to school by bike?

Why you should go to school by bike?

It is good for your health in general, for your fitness, is cheap and it wakes you up in the morning. Are you one of these people who are too lazy to ride your bike in the morning or after school? I kind of can understand you but still there are so many positive aspects who argument for riding your bike. I started to ride the bike to school 3 years ago and now I nearly go every day by bike. I’m much faster and I don’t waste any time as I would if I took the bus instead, for example, because there I would just have to wait until I can get off again. Still you are not convinced? No problem, just read on:) Continue reading Why you should go to school by bike?

Stressful times

For most of us the top source of stress is school. We spend half of our day in school or executing exercises for school so no wonder that school has a strong impact on our lives and that we think and worry a lot about school. It is pretty stressful for many students; all the tests, quizzes, homework tasks and studying…We worry a lot about our grades. Even if not everyone has high expectations on one selves, everyone has to achieve a certain grade.  Continue reading Stressful times

A Year Abroad – Go for it!

Spending a year in another country is great for several reasons. You get to meet new people, experience a different culture, create memories for a lifetime and have the pleasant side effect of constantly improving your language skills.

Attending high-school abroad automatically comes with running into loads of new people. However, how easy is it to make the right friends when not really knowing anyone? Continue reading A Year Abroad – Go for it!

Exam Stress? Oh, no!

Hello! If you are a student and need some tips for school you should definitely read this blog.

Exam Stress? I’m sure that I’m not the only one who always gets extremely nervous before tests, therefore I want to give you some of my little lifehacks. Of course you won’t get rid of all the stress, but some useful tips are always helpful.

If you like to chew chewing gum I have a great tip for you! Let’s say you are studying for your next Geography test. For each subject take a different taste because if you study for the test and always chew the same chewing gum with the same flavour and then do the exact same thing when you have the test, immediately you will be in that flow. Furthermore if I chew something during my test it calms me a bit. Continue reading Exam Stress? Oh, no!

My privately organized exchange to the Mid-West + some Advices to help you out if you are considering doing that, too.

I just came back from a two month exchange to Iowa. It was a great time and I want to share this experience with you.

Last year we had an exchange student in our class. His name was Pete, he lived with an older kid I happened to know. We spent a lot of time together and he came up with the idea that I should visit him. At  the end of his trip, his mom came over and she made it official: I was going to go to the states! Continue reading My privately organized exchange to the Mid-West + some Advices to help you out if you are considering doing that, too.

Issues that Affect Students: Exam Stress

In this blog I want to write about exam stress, one of the biggest problems for students in daily life. Not only does it make the students nervous, which can lead to problems such as sleep deprivation, but many start cancelling free time activities such as organized sports, which can lead to health problems when combined with little sleep. In addition, studying for exams leads to sitting for hours on end, which is known to decrease health as well. Continue reading Issues that Affect Students: Exam Stress

Study Tips, Hacks And Tricks!

If you go to school, there’s a chance that you have studied for a test at some point or another. And most people don’t enjoy it at all, whether you are studying for math, biology or foreign languages. Everyone studies at their own pace and for however long they want, and the minutes (or hours) spent studying often vary depending on the subject. For me personally, it completely depends on the subject. I tend to start studying for math two weeks in advance, often an hour a day, while for science tests and foreign language tests I start either one or two days before the test, and spend one or two hours studying. Continue reading Study Tips, Hacks And Tricks!

Should I Consider Taking Part in an Exchange Program?

I personally adore travelling and I’m sure I’m not the only one out there in the world. You may ask yourself why you should take part in an exchange program if you already travel a lot. Well, there are many good reasons you should consider.

Everyone knows that through travelling you get to know different cultures, try new food and maybe you will interact with some local people. But Continue reading Should I Consider Taking Part in an Exchange Program?