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Why you should go to school by bike?

Why you should go to school by bike?

It is good for your health in general, for your fitness, is cheap and it wakes you up in the morning. Are you one of these people who are too lazy to ride your bike in the morning or after school? I kind of can understand you but still there are so many positive aspects who argument for riding your bike. I started to ride the bike to school 3 years ago and now I nearly go every day by bike. I’m much faster and I don’t waste any time as I would if I took the bus instead, for example, because there I would just have to wait until I can get off again. Still you are not convinced? No problem, just read on:) Continue reading Why you should go to school by bike?


I’m going to write about the sport fencing because I have been doing fencing for nearly three years now. I know this isn’t long but I still want to tell you what fencing is all about because many people don’t know anything about the modern sport fencing. Fencing isn’t only the ancient way of solving problems or something you see in pirate movies. It is a sport and somehow it is even more than that. Fencing is about getting full control of your body and thinking strategically while reacting very fast. You not only get to know your opponent a lot but you get to know a lot about yourself as well. This sport helps me to get to know my strengths better and to realize how to use them.    Continue reading Fencing

The Positive and Mental Effects of Sport

Most of the effects of sport that are known by everyone are the physical effects like that doing sports toughens you. It prevents weight gain which means that the body fat is lowered by burning calories, it improves the cholesterol levels, it reduces the risk of diseases like diabetes. The more relevant facts are that doing sport improves the quality of sleep, increases one’s life expectancy and strengthens muscles and bones.

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Concussions in the NFL

Preventing concussions

I play american football myself and I have had a concussion already so I wanted to know what is done against them. I really liked the results of this research so I wanted to share them with you. I hope you also like the results. I put them into some chapters starting with the helmets.

In the beginning of football the helmets were only meant to protect from skull fractures, but now they more and more protect from concussions. First of all they have air cushions instead of plastic and rubber ones so they have a better fit and the head stops slower when it is hit. The newest model of the Riddell helmets even has a slit in the front so the helmet can change its shape in order to protect from concussions. All in all the NFL has payed over 20 million dollars to improve the technology. Continue reading Concussions in the NFL

The effects of group sports

Sportacrobatics, Chearleading or Rock `n` Roll dance… all these sports that I have just listed are group sports. Group sports have been a really big part of my life since I was only four years old, Sportacrobatics is my favorite one. In this text I will list a few effects that being in a group sport can have and why I would definitely recommend taking up a group sport.

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Keeping your body fit & healthy

In our modern society many young people do not care about their health. This text is going to provide you with some tips and tricks for a better life.

Why should I exercise and do sports?

First of all, sports and movement is really important for our bodies. Next, you activate and train all your muscles when exercising. For example, if you don’t do any sports your muscles will get weaker and you will not be as fit as a person who does sports a few times a week.

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