The Real Point of Christmas!

As Christmas is approaching, many people’s thoughts turn to buying the most wonderful Christmas present and this often makes it a quite stressful time of the year for numerous people. Many parents try to fulfill the wishes which make it to the top of their often spoiled children’s lists.
This year we, the class of 5b, want to encourage as many people as possible out there to do just a little thing, which will make a few of many poor people out there smile. It doesn’t matter whether the people you help are homeless, neighbors, refugees or simply elderly.

For more and more people the presents are becoming the whole point of Christmas but we would like to remind you that this wrong. The main point of Christmas in our point of view is doing something good. Right now many individuals out there are freezing, starving or separated from their families.

Especially this year, where there are more refugees than ever before we can open our hearts to do something good.
Think of something where you can personally contribute.

As a class we want to remind people that this isn’t something completely out of anyone’s element. We consider ourselves very lucky to not be in their situations and are sure that even a small donation only will bring those people out there one step closer to living a better life.

Have a wonderful Christmas and keep this in mind!


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