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How to make the most delicious Käsespätzle

In this blog, I will tell you how to make the best Käsespätzle and which ingredients you need to make them really enjoyable. First of all, if you are not a German speaker, you probably don’t know what Käsespätzle is. Chäschnöpfli is the original Swiss word for Käsespätzle. Käse means cheese, and Spätzle are a kind of soft egg noodles.

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Doesn´t look like much but have you ever asked yourself what this animal was like when it was alive? I´m going to prove to you how cool octopuses really are:

Octopuses (Octopi or Octopodes) are probably some of the most remarkable animals on earth. It is well known that octopuses have four pairs of arms although they have neither an internal, nor an external skeleton. This means that they have no bones or a shell, which is the reason why they can squeeze themselves through very tight and small places. Still their tentacles break when they are damaged. Another extraordinary thing about them is that they have blue blood and three hearts: two for pumping the blood through each of their two gills, one for pumping blood through the rest of their body. But the structure of their body isn´t the only impressive thing the octopus is offering.

Octopuses are unexpectedly intelligent animals. They can store both, short- and long-term memories. Also you can teach an octopus behaviour but they usually don´t learn from their parents because they wouldn´t live long enough. And although octopuses are colour-blind they can adjust to their surrounding perfectly in a few seconds, just like chameleons. This can be used as a defence mechanism or a tactic to attack their prey. Continue reading Octopus

Organic Clothes and Labels

Currently there are many shops that promote their new “organic cotton series”. But are these clothes really in any way better and more organic than others? Yes, they are better than “normal” clothes because thecottony really need less water and use fewer pesticides in the cultivation. Well, actually, in organic cotton clothes there should not be any pesticides, right? The thing is that most of these clothes are blended, which means that only a part of it is organic and the other part is just normal conventional cotton. Another thing you have to bear in mind is that cultivation is only one part of the whole production chain.

In a production chain you have many different steps and during each step more and more chemicals and pesticides are added. First comes of course the cultivation but then there are still so many other steps: the spinning, the sewing, the washing, the dying, and so on… So when a piece of clothing is made with organic cotton you could still find many pesticides inside it. Continue reading Organic Clothes and Labels

Are vegan products better for our environment?



Since I’m vegetarian I also tried being vegan for a while. Being vegetarian, which means not eating any meat is easy for me, since we never ate a lot of meat in my family and I’ve never wanted to eat an animal, which makes one also partly responsible for it getting killed. So in my opinion being vegetarian is much better than eating meat. But what about avoiding everything which comes from animals? Is it bad for animals if we eat things like milk, yoghurt, cheese or eggs? Most of the animal products, except meat or leather, don’t hurt the animals if we take them. So is it really better to be vegan, not only for the animals, but also for our environment? Continue reading Are vegan products better for our environment?

The Truth Behind Dairy Products

Like other female mammals cows only lactate when they are pregnant or when they have a new born to feed. So in order for the cows to keep producing milk, over and over again, the dairy industry impregnates the cows through a process called “artificial insemination”. This is a process where the farmers basically just collect the bull’s semen and insert it into the cow’s vagina, through a long tube, sometimes (actually always) on a so-called “raping-rack”. And to loosen that area a little bit, they forcibly insert their entire forearm into the cow’s anus. Continue reading The Truth Behind Dairy Products

The effects of group sports

Sportacrobatics, Chearleading or Rock `n` Roll dance… all these sports that I have just listed are group sports. Group sports have been a really big part of my life since I was only four years old, Sportacrobatics is my favorite one. In this text I will list a few effects that being in a group sport can have and why I would definitely recommend taking up a group sport.

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Does social media affect your health?

First of all, I want to point out that I use social media and that there are definitely some pros to it, but it would like to point out some things that I think make social media horrible.

Social media is mostly used by teenagers and we use it not only to stalk cute boys online or for other social interactions, which is what SOCIAL media should be about. However, we also look at tons of pictures of supermodel, for ‘inspiration’, but it actually makes us feel bad about ourselves. Continue reading Does social media affect your health?