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Is it really the Phone that we’re addicted to?

Phones and technologies are a major part of our everyday lives, most of us even spend several hours a day scrolling down and tapping on the screen of our devices. So do I, but the question is, are we sure it’s really the phone we’re addicted to?

I, a well integrated 15-year-old teenage boy, would like to ease into this topic by confirming that I personally also do waste a lot of my spare time using social media or playing video games. Pretty much all year one could call me a “phone-dependent” and I’m sure that I’m not the only one who’ll feel the same way. My parents and teachers keep telling me to put my phone away.  Continue reading Is it really the Phone that we’re addicted to?

An open letter to the American President

Dear Mister President,

These are not only the first three words of my blog post. It’s also the three first words and the title of a song written by the singer Pink. I might say that her, in my opinion critical song, which was an open letter to former US President George W. Bush, inspired me a bit. It got me thinking that an open letter to you dear Mister President, would be perfect.

Well first of all, dear Mister President, I am sorry for you. If I were you I wouldn’t feel like a real president. You must face the truth more people voted for your opponent than for you, dear Mister President. More people wished to see another person living in the White House. Less people wanted to be stuck with you, dear Mister president for the next four years.  Continue reading An open letter to the American President

Have you ever spent a day without lying?

How often do you lie?

If you lie, why do you do it?

Or when?

People lie every day. The most common lie is when someone’s asking you how you are and you’re answering that you’re fine. But the truth is that you are tired, exhausted, your head hurts and you’re hungry. But you still say that you are fine because that’s more polite. But is lying polite?

On average, we lie 3 times per every 10 minutes of conversation. 60% of us can’t speak 10 minutes without lying at least once. But most lies are harmless like “Nice haircut”. Continue reading Have you ever spent a day without lying?

Are conspiracy theories really as harmless as we think?

Don`t you come across strange stories every day and question their truth? These so called conspiracy theories are a tricky topic to talk about. On the one hand they can be kind of fun to read, because it is just hilarious what people can think of. On the other hand, these ideas can also be dangerous. Most of us are critically thinking persons and don’t believe everything we read on the internet, whereas a rather big part of the society doesn’t question information they get. Why is that? In fact, news can be so painful or traumatic that documented truths are discarded and people are brainwashed through this form of manipulation. Part of the appeal of conspiracy theories is their simplicity, they give easy answers to controversial topics. Of course it is tempting to just take the most comfortable solution for multifaceted issues, but is it really the right thing to do? I think to forge an opinion is a unique feature we have as humans, but that doesn’t mean we can just believe take one source and echo the information to our surrounding, it takes a little bit more than that.

Continue reading Are conspiracy theories really as harmless as we think?