How to Decorate on a Budget

In my opinion, decoration your house or the streets is a very big part of Christmas. It makes the streets look beautiful and gives your house a Christmas touch. Everything is good about that, but if you go into IKEA or XXXLutz for example you will be shocked how much their decorations actually cost. I also decorate my house to add a festive flair. Here are some tips and tricks for you.

So you want to get your house decorated on a budget? These tricks will make your house look all festive without spending loads of money. My first tip is to look into the internet. If you really want to decorate with the more expensive decoration and don’t want to use the cheaper decoration, go to the internet. Websites like Amazon, for example, have lots of sales where you can get almost everything for a much cheaper price. They in particular have lots of bigger objects like pillows, blankets and rugs.

My second tip is to check into cheap stores like the ‘1 euro store’, ‘Nanu-Nana’ and ‘NKD’. Also if you don’t go there normally for Christmas- decorations these stores are perfect. Of course the quality is not as good as the expensive stuff but it costs half as much or even less. Often you can find garlands, wrapping paper, pictures referring to Christmas and also pillows and blankets which can make a big difference to your house.

The third tip is for creative people who have time and energy to make their own decorations. This can be way cheaper than bought decorations. For example: At IKEA you can get a normal garland for approximately 6 euros. A garland that looks like it has snow on it costs about double the price. You can easily make this garland by yourself by either spray painting it or using normal white paint and adding for example glitter. You can find various tutorials on Christmas decorations on YouTube.

What is also a good trick is to put up as many candles as possible. Candles give a certain light that puts pretty much everyone into a Christmas mood. Just the smell of burned matches puts me into the Christmas spirit. Just turn off the main light or lower them and light your candles. Believe me, this will give your room a different flair and it won’t cost you a lot because everyone has candles at home, and if not they don’t cost a lot.

So you see it is also possible to decorate your house beautifully without spending a lot of money, and even if you are not on a budget you might consider to decorate this way, so you can use your money for gifts or on Christmas markets.

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