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Making your own music

To make your own music can mean a lot of things. Whether you are a professional piano player or just hit a beat on your desk in school. At the end it is all more or less the same. You’re creating something yourself. It can be stored by writing it down or it just lasts for a short period of time. Either of those have their advantages, but in both ways you will really enjoy it. To get started you can get yourself a little drum. It’s available on the internet and not at all expensive. Just put on some music and let the rest happen by itself.

I for myself, play the drums. For me it is perfect instrument, because I’m more the rhythm kind of person. If you know the basics of any instrument you can really make every piece of music your own. Continue reading Making your own music

Shee-ran to (the) TOP

I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to write about at first, so I did what I always do when I’m searching for inspiration… Look through my phone. I have tons of screenshots of things that interest me, but then I thought that no one would read this if I just kept going on about my newly found Vespa addiction and Supernatural conspiracies, so I decided to write about another topic without which I coudn’t live… Music… so here are my Top 6 Singers/Bands. Continue reading Shee-ran to (the) TOP