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Hello! My name is Lorenz and I'm definetly not an experienced blogger.Still I try to share my view on the world with you. I love cooking, meeting with my friends and doing sports. My blog entries will mostly be related to these things, but I've other Ideas to share as well. Have fun reading! Lorenz

Making your own music

To make your own music can mean a lot of things. Whether you are a professional piano player or just hit a beat on your desk in school. At the end it is all more or less the same. You’re creating something yourself. It can be stored by writing it down or it just lasts for a short period of time. Either of those have their advantages, but in both ways you will really enjoy it. To get started you can get yourself a little drum. It’s available on the internet and not at all expensive. Just put on some music and let the rest happen by itself.

I for myself, play the drums. For me it is perfect instrument, because I’m more the rhythm kind of person. If you know the basics of any instrument you can really make every piece of music your own. Continue reading Making your own music

Are conspiracy theories really as harmless as we think?

Don`t you come across strange stories every day and question their truth? These so called conspiracy theories are a tricky topic to talk about. On the one hand they can be kind of fun to read, because it is just hilarious what people can think of. On the other hand, these ideas can also be dangerous. Most of us are critically thinking persons and don’t believe everything we read on the internet, whereas a rather big part of the society doesn’t question information they get. Why is that? In fact, news can be so painful or traumatic that documented truths are discarded and people are brainwashed through this form of manipulation. Part of the appeal of conspiracy theories is their simplicity, they give easy answers to controversial topics. Of course it is tempting to just take the most comfortable solution for multifaceted issues, but is it really the right thing to do? I think to forge an opinion is a unique feature we have as humans, but that doesn’t mean we can just believe take one source and echo the information to our surrounding, it takes a little bit more than that.

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Street Food

Street food is one of the greatest food trends, ever developed. I love the fact that you don’t have to feel guilty about eating things like burgers or fries. In actual fact it is fast food containing healthy components. The concept provides for a wide diversity of quickly served meals which often contain vegetables and salads. The meat is of good quality. That’s why it’s a thousand times better than what you get at places like McDonalds.

In the past years I went to street food festivals all over Austria. It is really awesome, because you get to know totally knew things, not only concerning meals but also culture. You find yourself eating stuff you would have never tried before and actually loving it. Getting to know some probably unthinkable food creation is really nothing special there. It is crazy how many varieties of burgers you can get at these places, but that’s just the beginning of a long, delightful and exciting road of awesome food.

If all of this hasn’t convinced you to start look immediately for a place which offers this kind of “diet”, here is another incentive: Street Food isn’t only tasty it is also easy to cook at home. By getting away from unhealthy fast-food you don’t just help yourself, but you also contribute to making our world a better place, by eating things which you know where they come from.

(Street) Food has the power to unite various cultures, and I think you can’t say that about a lot of things. I’m convinced that good food makes you feel good, or have you ever seen someone look angry while they were eating something yummy?