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Hello!! My name is Ajap and I am from Turkmenistan (that's a country in Asia). I play the piano and love listening to music from Michael Jackson and Hans Zimmer. I love to play and watch football and other sports.

Have you ever spent a day without lying?

How often do you lie?

If you lie, why do you do it?

Or when?

People lie every day. The most common lie is when someone’s asking you how you are and you’re answering that you’re fine. But the truth is that you are tired, exhausted, your head hurts and you’re hungry. But you still say that you are fine because that’s more polite. But is lying polite?

On average, we lie 3 times per every 10 minutes of conversation. 60% of us can’t speak 10 minutes without lying at least once. But most lies are harmless like “Nice haircut”. Continue reading Have you ever spent a day without lying?