How to Choose the Best Christmas Presents

 For a lot of people Christmas time actually means no-money-time. Often teenagers face this dramatic problem: you want to give your friends and family some nice presents, but you cannot afford them. That’s why I decided to search for a solution.

First, of course, I asked my parents. They said to me without thinking a lot, that I just have to DIY. Which means: Do it yourself! My first thought about this suggestion was that I’m not five years old anymore and I can’t draw a picture with Santa on his sleigh and the reindeer pulling it. But then I asked a good old friend (his name is google) and he spat out a lot of great videos and ideas. For example: decorated towels, creative phone cases and much more. The only thing you need for this type of present is time and love.

But now you ask: What could I give my best friend? Last year she surprised me with a beautiful dress and I can’t give her some self-made Christmas-tree decorations… I understand your problem. Now you probably need an original idea for a present. In this point I can speak out of experience. The best Christmas present that I’ve ever received was my favourite perfume. But why was it so special? Because I once just mentioned it in a conversation but my best friend remembered this piece of information, so I almost had tears in my eyes when I unwrapped this present.

I think that the best Christmas presents are the ones, where you open them and just laugh because there is a special and funny story connected to it. So just listen to your friend’s little comments, think about their likes and hobbies and find the one little thing that’ll bring a smile on their face. And please remember: most people love personal presents, not vouchers or worse: just money.

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