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Hey, my name is Eleni. I love doing sports especially Sportacrobatics. I also really enjoy hiking with my family and doing other things with my friends. The Topics I am most interested in are Sports, Food, and other physical activities. I love Autumn and especially Christmas so I actually look forward to Christmas all year long.

The Positive and Mental Effects of Sport

Most of the effects of sport that are known by everyone are the physical effects like that doing sports toughens you. It prevents weight gain which means that the body fat is lowered by burning calories, it improves the cholesterol levels, it reduces the risk of diseases like diabetes. The more relevant facts are that doing sport improves the quality of sleep, increases one’s life expectancy and strengthens muscles and bones.

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How to Decorate on a Budget

In my opinion, decoration your house or the streets is a very big part of Christmas. It makes the streets look beautiful and gives your house a Christmas touch. Everything is good about that, but if you go into IKEA or XXXLutz for example you will be shocked how much their decorations actually cost. I also decorate my house to add a festive flair. Here are some tips and tricks for you.

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