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A Society Addicted to Palm Oil?

We eat it, we shower with it, we clean with it and we drive with it. Palm Oil is a primary ingredient used in every other food. Nevertheless, it is included in more products than you would think, because food is not the only product that contains Palm Oil. You can find it in our cosmetics, in shampoo, in cleaning products and of course in fuels. Actually, Palm Oil has become an essential part in our lives, without us noticing it. It is pretty cheap for the companies and you can use it for various things. However, considering how dependent we are of it, and how much of it we consume every day, we need to be aware that it is destroying the rainforest incredibly fast.   Continue reading A Society Addicted to Palm Oil?

How to make the most delicious Käsespätzle

In this blog, I will tell you how to make the best Käsespätzle and which ingredients you need to make them really enjoyable. First of all, if you are not a German speaker, you probably don’t know what Käsespätzle is. Chäschnöpfli is the original Swiss word for Käsespätzle. Käse means cheese, and Spätzle are a kind of soft egg noodles.

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Are vegan products better for our environment?



Since I’m vegetarian I also tried being vegan for a while. Being vegetarian, which means not eating any meat is easy for me, since we never ate a lot of meat in my family and I’ve never wanted to eat an animal, which makes one also partly responsible for it getting killed. So in my opinion being vegetarian is much better than eating meat. But what about avoiding everything which comes from animals? Is it bad for animals if we eat things like milk, yoghurt, cheese or eggs? Most of the animal products, except meat or leather, don’t hurt the animals if we take them. So is it really better to be vegan, not only for the animals, but also for our environment? Continue reading Are vegan products better for our environment?

The Truth Behind Dairy Products

Like other female mammals cows only lactate when they are pregnant or when they have a new born to feed. So in order for the cows to keep producing milk, over and over again, the dairy industry impregnates the cows through a process called “artificial insemination”. This is a process where the farmers basically just collect the bull’s semen and insert it into the cow’s vagina, through a long tube, sometimes (actually always) on a so-called “raping-rack”. And to loosen that area a little bit, they forcibly insert their entire forearm into the cow’s anus. Continue reading The Truth Behind Dairy Products

Keeping your body fit & healthy

In our modern society many young people do not care about their health. This text is going to provide you with some tips and tricks for a better life.

Why should I exercise and do sports?

First of all, sports and movement is really important for our bodies. Next, you activate and train all your muscles when exercising. For example, if you don’t do any sports your muscles will get weaker and you will not be as fit as a person who does sports a few times a week.

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Today many people all around the world are vegetarians. In the last few years the number of vegetarians has increased enormously. In Austria aroun
d 2% of the population lives vegetarian, and 13% of students exclude meat from their diet. I for myself have always enjoyed eating meat, therefore it was even harder for me to let go of it. In this blog entry I want to share some of my personal experiences and give some tips on how to become a vegetarian.

I’ve always eaten meat,
and I’ve algmiasways enjoyed it. However, this February I decided to change my diet rapidly. I became a vegetarian overnight.
In the last few years I always tried not to eat meat during lend, but this year I wanted to stay “Veggie”. Another reason for my sudden change was that I felt that meat was not doing any good to my health. I realized that every time I ate meat I felt a weird felling afterwards. It felt as if something constantly tried to drag me down, I felt tired and unenergetic. Therefore I came to the conclusion that living as a vegetarian (for a while) would help me regain my fitness.
The first days were the hardest, however, I stayed strong.

“What do you eat for dinner?” was one of the most common questions. But to be honest, it wasn’t that big of a deal to find vegetarian alternatives. Once the first weeks were over, I realized that I didn’t miss meat at all. I actually enjoyed my life without it. I felt way more energetic than ever before.

Concerning my diet, I mainly focused on vegetables, different grains and eggs. I know many people associate “veggie” food with tofu. However, from my point of view tofu and soy products in general are not a proper alternative. Often soy beans are grown in huge plantations somewhere in South America or Asia. The destroyed rainforest and long ways of transportation a bitter connotation. Moreover, I don’t like the taste of it.

Here are some tips and tricks on how to forget about meat.
First of all avoid eating fast food. Often the temptation is too big and you cannot resist that bacon burger anymore. Especially during the first weeks you should prepare food yourself and not buy it on the way. However, if you do want to go out to eat something, vegetarian restaurants are gaining in popularity all around the world. I live in a pretty small town, but even here in Graz we have several vegetarian restaurants. For example: Mangold, Gingko, Café Erde…

If you follow these simple tips everybody can become vegetarian.
Although I’m not a 100% vegetarian, I try to exclude meat as much as possible and I still enjoy eating and especially cooking vegetarian. In my opinion two or three meat-free days a week are indeed very beneficial to your health and your body.

Street Food

Street food is one of the greatest food trends, ever developed. I love the fact that you don’t have to feel guilty about eating things like burgers or fries. In actual fact it is fast food containing healthy components. The concept provides for a wide diversity of quickly served meals which often contain vegetables and salads. The meat is of good quality. That’s why it’s a thousand times better than what you get at places like McDonalds.

In the past years I went to street food festivals all over Austria. It is really awesome, because you get to know totally knew things, not only concerning meals but also culture. You find yourself eating stuff you would have never tried before and actually loving it. Getting to know some probably unthinkable food creation is really nothing special there. It is crazy how many varieties of burgers you can get at these places, but that’s just the beginning of a long, delightful and exciting road of awesome food.

If all of this hasn’t convinced you to start look immediately for a place which offers this kind of “diet”, here is another incentive: Street Food isn’t only tasty it is also easy to cook at home. By getting away from unhealthy fast-food you don’t just help yourself, but you also contribute to making our world a better place, by eating things which you know where they come from.

(Street) Food has the power to unite various cultures, and I think you can’t say that about a lot of things. I’m convinced that good food makes you feel good, or have you ever seen someone look angry while they were eating something yummy?