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I'm a student, brother, hockey player, surfer and traveler, 15 years of age, half Italian and half Austrian, I spent the last school-year in Toronto, Canada and speak German, Italian, English, French and very little Spanish. I really like spending time with friends, seeing new places and meeting new people. What I don't like is arrogance, racism and all kinds of bullying.

Is it really the Phone that we’re addicted to?

Phones and technologies are a major part of our everyday lives, most of us even spend several hours a day scrolling down and tapping on the screen of our devices. So do I, but the question is, are we sure it’s really the phone we’re addicted to?

I, a well integrated 15-year-old teenage boy, would like to ease into this topic by confirming that I personally also do waste a lot of my spare time using social media or playing video games. Pretty much all year one could call me a “phone-dependent” and I’m sure that I’m not the only one who’ll feel the same way. My parents and teachers keep telling me to put my phone away.  Continue reading Is it really the Phone that we’re addicted to?

The Real Point of Christmas!

As Christmas is approaching, many people’s thoughts turn to buying the most wonderful Christmas present and this often makes it a quite stressful time of the year for numerous people. Many parents try to fulfill the wishes which make it to the top of their often spoiled children’s lists.
This year we, the class of 5b, want to encourage as many people as possible out there to do just a little thing, which will make a few of many poor people out there smile. It doesn’t matter whether the people you help are homeless, neighbors, refugees or simply elderly. Continue reading The Real Point of Christmas!

A Year Abroad – Go for it!

Spending a year in another country is great for several reasons. You get to meet new people, experience a different culture, create memories for a lifetime and have the pleasant side effect of constantly improving your language skills.

Attending high-school abroad automatically comes with running into loads of new people. However, how easy is it to make the right friends when not really knowing anyone? Continue reading A Year Abroad – Go for it!