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by Feggy Art (Flickr) https://www.flickr.com/photos/victius/4868893727/in/photolist-8qfmtz-dHZdgT-o3zWqp-4ThHXx-3f1VEp-2LSEiz-hoWght-yt5A8-5pEGCY-nGBrC7-5dvXzG-8RLdLC-9woxQt-3jL6Fp-gj3pkE-7Dv5zU-pvPEPC-7DrgB8-8RgCbY-7DrgJc-ddCGHx-ecqrZX-7DrgDg-7DrgFB-7DrgXt-51U7Nt-7eouuD-rqb59c-4ZQbZB-a1VjxQ-2x5NTq-eHmQWe-7Dv5RY-fv4cMg-9FRqei-7PhXXJ-9QBvBD-efLHH9-7Dv5NS-9pvLzx-6C7u4T-7DrgvB-cETQRh-4sce-7DrgSc-epLfBF-8RLdLA-8RLdLw-7612Y9-eHezb6
by Feggy Art  on Flickr

I am the lucky English teacher of these great kids. I believe that my students have a LOT to say that should not just rot away in their homework books. I strongly believe that good teaching starts with the REAL questions and hot issues on my students’ minds. We want to tackle these in this blog.

The “Gibsters” are 15 years old and attend GIBS, a bilingual secondary school in Austria. English is their second language — so you might find some little errors in their language. Let’s not worry about these, but focus on the important things they have to say.

In this blog the “Gibsters” will share their personal experiences and views on a variety of topics. We all share the common belief that together we can make the world a better place if we treat each other with respect and take good care of our planet.

Join us on that journey,

E. Pölzleitner


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