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Stressful times

For most of us the top source of stress is school. We spend half of our day in school or executing exercises for school so no wonder that school has a strong impact on our lives and that we think and worry a lot about school. It is pretty stressful for many students; all the tests, quizzes, homework tasks and studying…We worry a lot about our grades. Even if not everyone has high expectations on one selves, everyone has to achieve a certain grade.  Continue reading Stressful times

Gift Shopping – Step by Step Guide to Gift Shopping

At the beginning of December everyone starts with all the Christmas preparations. They include decorating the house outside as well as inside, baking cookies, but of course you also have to get all the gifts for your beloved ones.

All the things you have to consider before actually purchasing the gifts are not easy at all.

First, you have to decide who you want to get a present for. There are people, like your family and friends, where it’s clear that you want to give them a gift. But maybe there are also those who you wouldn’t buy a present for, but you have to get them something, as they always give you a present.

When you have decided who you want to give a little gift to you have to plan your budget. Probably, there are people you want to spend more money for than others that’s the reason why you should set a price limit for every single present. I know, it’s not always easy to stick to these limits but this prevents you from having a completely empty bank account after Christmas.

As soon as you have decided on your price limits you have to think of the presents that fit for each person on your list. Mostly, that’s not easy but make sure you have a detailed plan what gifts to buy before actually go out for the Christmas shopping. This will make all the difference.

To give you some ideas for your gift shopping I’ve made a list of my 5 quite inexpensive gift ideas for you:

  1. Cookies – a sweet inexpensive little gift that fits for almost everyone are homemade cookies
  2. Perfume – Perfume is a gift mostly for women, you want to spend a little bit more for
  3. Cup – there are a lot of cups with sweet sayings and you can fill them with sweets
  4. Tea – some Christmassy teas are a very nice present for those who start to drink tea
  5. Personalized presents – there are a lot of things you can personalize by writing names on it, like cups, blankets or Christmas stockings

The last thing to be done is my personal favorite. It’s the actual shopping. I think when you do the Christmas shopping that brings you in a really festive and happy mood and I then know that Christmas is coming!

I hope you enjoyed reading the text and found some helpfull tips.


Why you should use natural cosmetics

In this post I want to tell you why you should take a little bit more time to read through the labels of cosmetic products and what chemicals you should especially avoid.

Using chemical cosmetics can lead to bad health. Many people want to lead a healthy lifestyle. They start to eat more vegetables and do more sports but not too many people consider the fact that also using the right cosmetic products can make you healthier. Several chemicals are found in cosmetics and our bodies absorb about 60 percent of what we put on our skin. The chemicals then can enter our blood stream, which can lead to cancer, acne, allergies, eczema and hormone disruption. Using cosmetics containing hormone disrupting chemicals is especially dangerous for teenagers as they are developing at this age. Continue reading Why you should use natural cosmetics