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My name is Nicole and I enjoy drawing, animating, archery, science and learning languages. I will be blogging mainly about these topics, but some of my entries will express one or two of my ambitions I am hoping to achieve in near future. Concerning my goals, I would like to have competed in at least one archery championship and be able to speak at least one of the foreign languages I am learning fluently. Although there are several topics I am extremely opinionated about, I try my best to stay open-minded.

Issues that Affect Students: Exam Stress

In this blog I want to write about exam stress, one of the biggest problems for students in daily life. Not only does it make the students nervous, which can lead to problems such as sleep deprivation, but many start cancelling free time activities such as organized sports, which can lead to health problems when combined with little sleep. In addition, studying for exams leads to sitting for hours on end, which is known to decrease health as well. Continue reading Issues that Affect Students: Exam Stress

Study Tips, Hacks And Tricks!

If you go to school, there’s a chance that you have studied for a test at some point or another. And most people don’t enjoy it at all, whether you are studying for math, biology or foreign languages. Everyone studies at their own pace and for however long they want, and the minutes (or hours) spent studying often vary depending on the subject. For me personally, it completely depends on the subject. I tend to start studying for math two weeks in advance, often an hour a day, while for science tests and foreign language tests I start either one or two days before the test, and spend one or two hours studying. Continue reading Study Tips, Hacks And Tricks!

How to bring your drawings to life! A guide to 2D animation

Animation is drawing a series of pictures to create a moving image. It can be used to make music videos, movies, or your presentations more interesting! Animating something, especially when it should be smooth, can be time-consuming, especially since it takes time to color and shade the animation. But if you think you might be interested in animating, then read on! On this blog I will teach the basics of animation and give tips for better quality animations.

A short introduction to animation

I started animating when I was 11 years old, Continue reading How to bring your drawings to life! A guide to 2D animation