Exam Stress? Oh, no!

Hello! If you are a student and need some tips for school you should definitely read this blog.

Exam Stress? I’m sure that I’m not the only one who always gets extremely nervous before tests, therefore I want to give you some of my little lifehacks. Of course you won’t get rid of all the stress, but some useful tips are always helpful.

If you like to chew chewing gum I have a great tip for you! Let’s say you are studying for your next Geography test. For each subject take a different taste because if you study for the test and always chew the same chewing gum with the same flavour and then do the exact same thing when you have the test, immediately you will be in that flow. Furthermore if I chew something during my test it calms me a bit.

You should always drink something! At home water is totally fine, but during the test I recommend drinking juice, because in juices there is always some sugar and the sugar gives your brain extra energy during an important exam.

In addition to all that you need to study regularly at home to be efficient. In school the bell rings every 45 min but at home everything is a bit more relaxed. This sounds positive, but unfortunately this can cause a serious problem in your test. Time limit! Set an alarm on your phone, for example study for an hour Spanish, take a break and when it rings again, do your Math homework. It will not only prepare you for the test, you will work productively too. Check it out!

If you have problems with getting distracted very easily, for example, because of your phone, put it somewhere out of sight and switch the internet off, so no WhatsApp or Snapchat messages can interrupt you.

On the last evening before the test it is better you go to bed and be fully concentrated during the test and fill in the things you know instead of panicking.

I hope you can use some tricks! Thank you for reading my blog!

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