Political Studies as an obligatory subject

I personally think that a student at the age of 14 should start to learn about politics in school, especially because he or she is allowed to vote at the age of 16.

From my point of view, voting at the age of 16 is, at least theoretically, a good idea. Everyone who is old enough to have their own opinion and can make decisions for themselves should be able to co-determine who governs the country. But understanding what the different parties really stand for, what they want and what would change if they won the elections, is a very complex matter. Young people might not be able to have enough information in order to make the right choice for themselves. The political system is way too complex for an average 16 year old to understand and that’s why the teachers should help.

The subject of Political Studies I imagine should show what the parties stand for, compare them, show examples of the past and explain the system to the future voters. It should not tell students what to and what not to vote, but it should help them form their own opinion. I think that it should start at the age of about 14, that’s when the first kids start to develop a general interest in politics and it should help find the party that represents them best.

If you happen to be one of the lucky students who have to chance of taking political studies as an elective, take it! This will not solve the problem but it is a good way to start. If the Schools get flooded by hundreds of students wanting political studies, maybe this will stop the ministry of education from looking away.

Certain groups like the “Schülerunion” have tried to make this happen for many years but the ministry of education has simply ignored them. Please help raise awareness of the importance of this topic by telling your friends, your teachers, anyone you know and maybe students will have the opportunity to get information about the most important process of democracy one day!

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