Why you should go to school by bike?

Why you should go to school by bike?

It is good for your health in general, for your fitness, is cheap and it wakes you up in the morning. Are you one of these people who are too lazy to ride your bike in the morning or after school? I kind of can understand you but still there are so many positive aspects who argument for riding your bike. I started to ride the bike to school 3 years ago and now I nearly go every day by bike. I’m much faster and I don’t waste any time as I would if I took the bus instead, for example, because there I would just have to wait until I can get off again. Still you are not convinced? No problem, just read on:)

Starting off with the costs. A bike is much cheaper; you don’t have to buy a tram or bus ticket. You don’t have to buy a car and you don’t have to pay for any fuel. The same applies to motorbikes. Although you have to buy a bike it’s much cheaper because that’s it….no fuel to pay, no problems with the motor or no other problems that often happen.

Another good aspect that you have probably never noticed is the benefit for your health. Why is it good for your health? We inhale fresh air and every day we use our muscles, sometimes even without noticing it. How amazing is that? When you are looking out of the window from the car or bus then you don’t always have the best. But when you are riding your bike you can stop whenever and wherever you want.

Coming to school completely tired and nearly falling asleep again. This happened to me not once or twice, no, nearly every day. But now riding to school wakes me up in the morning and I can start the day with more energy.

I know it can be boring if you ride your bike alone, but you don’t have to. Just convince some of your friends who live in your neighborhoods. Ask them and if they don’t want just let them read this blog;) I don’t go by bike to school alone I also ride together with two friends and it is so much fun.

These are just some of many positive aspects and I hope that I could convinced you.


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