Issues that Affect Students: Exam Stress

In this blog I want to write about exam stress, one of the biggest problems for students in daily life. Not only does it make the students nervous, which can lead to problems such as sleep deprivation, but many start cancelling free time activities such as organized sports, which can lead to health problems when combined with little sleep. In addition, studying for exams leads to sitting for hours on end, which is known to decrease health as well.


This affects the students not only on a physical level, but emotionally as well. People worry about the exams affecting their grades, which ultimately affects their job opportunities. Of course, it is necessary to make sure students learn something, but not to unnecessarily stress them.

The main subjects (Math and languages) tend to stress people the most. Usually there are four important tests a year, which determine your final results. Studying for these tests tends to stress people more than subjects that have multiple small tests, such as science and history.

In addition, people get so stressed out studying for the long tests that they don’t learn anything. Of course, it depends on the individual, but usually I take most tests after studying for them intensely, but the moment I finish, I forget everything I studied! However, when the tests don’t affect my grade as much and the rules are not as strict, I learn and remember a lot more in the end. In fact, I barely remember anything from last year, except for the subject which I didn’t have all that stress for. For those exams, they were not the only things that counted to my grade, and I also knew that if I did badly that day, I could retake them. Those were the subjects in which I remember the material best, because I wasn’t stressed out so much about the tests that I didn’t learn or remember anything.

Those were my personal experiences with exam stress and my recommendations is that the tests shouldn’t count quite as much to people’s grades as things like homework and paying attention in the room. It might be nice that there should be more opportunities to retake tests in more subjects. But that is just my just my opinion.

I hope you enjoyed my blog entry and could learn something from it!
If you have had similar your own experiences regarding this topic, I would look forward in your comments!

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