An open letter to the American President

Dear Mister President,

These are not only the first three words of my blog post. It’s also the three first words and the title of a song written by the singer Pink. I might say that her, in my opinion critical song, which was an open letter to former US President George W. Bush, inspired me a bit. It got me thinking that an open letter to you dear Mister President, would be perfect.

Well first of all, dear Mister President, I am sorry for you. If I were you I wouldn’t feel like a real president. You must face the truth more people voted for your opponent than for you, dear Mister President. More people wished to see another person living in the White House. Less people wanted to be stuck with you, dear Mister president for the next four years. 

Furthermore, how did it feel when thousands of people went in the streets to protest against you, dear Mister President? Were you sad, angry or did you even care at all? I bet you, didn’t even notice the poorly filled square during your inauguration.

At first lots of people thought you, dear Mister President are a joke. A business man who was bored and thought: “Hey why not become president? I have the money. I have the people. It’s true. It’s great.” When I first heard the news that you, dear Mister President were a candidate, I thought it’s not true. I couldn’t believe that you, dear Mister President would seriously consider being the chief of a whole country. But to the surprise of many people you, dear Mister President managed to gain a tremendous amount of followers. And sadly not only on Twitter.

To continue I would like to give my heartfelt sympathy to everyone in the US American population who didn’t vote for you, dear Mister President. They have to sustain the next four years with you, dear Mister President. But that’s how your democracy works. Even the person with lesser people on his side can become the winner.

To finish off I must admit, I don’t think you, dear Mister President, are a bad choice for being a President. I truly believe you are a horrible choice. And I am gratefully looking forward to the next presidential election, hoping that something will change.

Yours sincerely,

a non-supporter of yours.

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