Is it really the Phone that we’re addicted to?

Phones and technologies are a major part of our everyday lives, most of us even spend several hours a day scrolling down and tapping on the screen of our devices. So do I, but the question is, are we sure it’s really the phone we’re addicted to?

I, a well integrated 15-year-old teenage boy, would like to ease into this topic by confirming that I personally also do waste a lot of my spare time using social media or playing video games. Pretty much all year one could call me a “phone-dependent” and I’m sure that I’m not the only one who’ll feel the same way. My parents and teachers keep telling me to put my phone away. 

In summer, my family and I usually spend 4 to 5 weeks on an island in Greece. When I was little technology wasn’t an issue during our vacations but when I grew up and did have a phone, my parents always took it away for that period of time. I’ve always been extremely mad at them for taking away MY PHONE and always thought that the phone was what I absolutely needed.  Every summer from then on I spent hours and hours complaining about why they would do such an unfair and evil thing to me, even though there was nothing I had done wrong.

In the end, not giving me my phone for these couple of weeks was something I actually ended up benefiting of because I could spend more time surfing, hanging out with friends and relaxing, which is what I’ve loved the most ever since I was a kid.

Two years ago, for the first time ever since I’ve had technology, my parents allowed me to keep my phone on our vacation and I was so extremely happy. The thought of having my phone and holidays at the same time seemed just perfect to me.

Eventually we got there and after setting up all the camping stuff I took my phone out and jumped into the hammock. “This is wonderful!”, I said to myself until I realized there was nothing I could really do, except taking pictures and listening to music which I already had a family camera and an I pod for. All the other applications required internet, which I didn’t have outside of Austria and were therefore useless. After less than a day I got totally bored and couldn’t look at it for just another second with that anger inside of me.

From then on I knew, that it wasn’t the phone I wanted, but the internet, social media and all the practical advantages that you usually need a laptop for.

I can really recommend you to try “phone-fasting” for at least a few days, to realize what else you can do instead and to be aware that it’s not the phone you’re addicted to.

Thank you for reading my blog and I hope to see you soon! If not, I wish you very happy and partially phone free holidays,

Matteo C

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