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Hello my name is Felix and I'm Austrian. I still go to school. I like doing sports and meeting friends. I'm really into sports and I am a huge soccer fan but I'm interested in other topics too. Like politics, reading and I can basically state my opinion to every topic. I think sports really can bring people that have never met before together. Friendships are being made but also the opposite can happen.

Are people addicted to their mobile devices?

Nowadays, when you take the bus or walk around the city, you’ll quickly notice that a lot of people are running around staring at their phones not paying attention what’s happening around them. Especially adolescents constantly use their phones. To be honest, I’m probably a prime example of this group. My mother always asks me why I don’t talk to the people around me, why I always have to communicate with the people that are not around. Usually I ignore her or role my eyes. But thinking about it now, she’s totally right. Continue reading Are people addicted to their mobile devices?

How sports bring people together

I would describe myself as sporty and easy-going hence, I always try to get along with the people around me. In my free time, I play soccer in a team, but I also like to do other sports. When I’m not playing soccer, I like watching it on TV. There are various competitions I enjoy watching and of course, there are a lot of teams and clubs competing with each other.

That’s where my topic I want to talk about in this blog, starts. Continue reading How sports bring people together