Are conspiracy theories really as harmless as we think?

Don`t you come across strange stories every day and question their truth? These so called conspiracy theories are a tricky topic to talk about. On the one hand they can be kind of fun to read, because it is just hilarious what people can think of. On the other hand, these ideas can also be dangerous. Most of us are critically thinking persons and don’t believe everything we read on the internet, whereas a rather big part of the society doesn’t question information they get. Why is that? In fact, news can be so painful or traumatic that documented truths are discarded and people are brainwashed through this form of manipulation. Part of the appeal of conspiracy theories is their simplicity, they give easy answers to controversial topics. Of course it is tempting to just take the most comfortable solution for multifaceted issues, but is it really the right thing to do? I think to forge an opinion is a unique feature we have as humans, but that doesn’t mean we can just believe take one source and echo the information to our surrounding, it takes a little bit more than that.

When someone starts manipulating the fear of people, it can get dangerous, as we’ve seen in history. Economically seen, you can make a whole lot of money, if people are frightened. For instance, the “Kopp” publisher, which is famous for being quoted in FPÖ posts and bringing lies to the world through conspiracy theories. They make a huge amount of money by playing with our concerns we are confronted with. If you ask me there should clearly be more elucidation concerning these claims. In the end it is up to you, whether you want to be primitive and stop questioning, or you’re smart and actually want to find out the real background of ongoing issues. To end this blog a bit more positive I’ve included a link, where you can find the most hilarious conspiracy theories:



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