Have you ever spent a day without lying?

How often do you lie?

If you lie, why do you do it?

Or when?

People lie every day. The most common lie is when someone’s asking you how you are and you’re answering that you’re fine. But the truth is that you are tired, exhausted, your head hurts and you’re hungry. But you still say that you are fine because that’s more polite. But is lying polite?

On average, we lie 3 times per every 10 minutes of conversation. 60% of us can’t speak 10 minutes without lying at least once. But most lies are harmless like “Nice haircut”.

But what is if you lie in a job interview because you want the job. Or if you lie in a casting because you want the role in a movie? 

A lot of famous actors have lied at castings. But lies often have short legs and don’t travel far.

Who do you think lied at castings and afterwards became famous?

Is it: a.) George Clooney

b.) Rachel McAdams

c.) Daniel Craig

d.) Robert Pattinson


e.) Liam Hemsworth

Do you have your answer already? 

The right person is…….

There is no right answer!

The truth is that every single person that I listed above has lied in castings.

George Clooney was caught lying very fast and this in a very embarrassing way. In an audition for a role he lied about having a role in a film called Cat People. „Who will know?“ he thought. It turned out that the casting director was in the cast for Cat People as well.

Rachel McAdams said to the casting-operators that she loved horses and horseback riding. The truth was that she was terrified of them. But not only that. She was allergic as well. I think McAdams really wanted this role.

James Bond actor Daniel Craig had a problem with horses, too. He had no idea how to ride a horse but said that he was very good at it. In fact, he lied about this so much that he got several roles where he demonstrated his ‘skills’. But you know- fake it until you make it.

The hottie Robert Pattinson that we all know from Twilight told the casting members that he attended the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. That’s a very prestigious academy for drama and theatre in the UK. But that wasn’t the only lie. He also told them that he went to the Oxford University. That’s really too much, isn’t it?

Liam Hemsworth, the handsome, muscular brother of Chris Hemsworth is actually pretty good at every sport. Or nearly every sport. There is a game that he hasn’t mastered yet- volleyball. But to the producers of „The last song“ he said that he’s talented in this sport. When they filmed the scene where he had to play volleyball everyone on set figured out that he wasn’t as good as he had told them before.

The most famous person lying and getting famous for this is Mila Kunis. She wanted to become an actress when she was my age so she went to the casting of „That 70’s Show“ when she was 14 years old. To the producer she said that she was going to be 18. That actually wasn’t a lie because she would become 18… in four years. But she got the role and became very famous.

There are a lot of other examples…

I think we should choose one day and try not to lie at all or to count how often we lie, just to realize that sometimes a whole day is just a big lie.

But what I found out today is that Hollywood is just a pack of lies. Nothing but lies… 


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