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Hi, my name is Kalkidan and currently I am in 9th grade. I like doing any kind of sports because I think that you can only have a fit mind if you have a fit body. I am a very spiritual person and I try to realize everything that is happening around me. In my free time I like doing yoga and i love playing basketball and swimming. As a feminist, i believe that younger generations should be thought different so that they know that women are strong individuals that should have equal rights as men. I am support women's empowerment, I am an animal's rights activist and I try to be informed about important topics that affect me to have my own personal opinion about everything. I refuse to be ignorant and stand up for what I believe.

New Year’s Resolutions

It’s that time of the year again. 2016 is coming to an end and most people, and probably even you, have new year’s resolution in mind. Maybe you want to lose those few pounds you gained during Christmas or you want to be more productive or you simply want to spend more time with your loved ones. A new year gives you the opportunity to re-create yourself, to improve yourself or to forget what happened in the past and start off new. Continue reading New Year’s Resolutions

The Truth Behind Dairy Products

Like other female mammals cows only lactate when they are pregnant or when they have a new born to feed. So in order for the cows to keep producing milk, over and over again, the dairy industry impregnates the cows through a process called “artificial insemination”. This is a process where the farmers basically just collect the bull’s semen and insert it into the cow’s vagina, through a long tube, sometimes (actually always) on a so-called “raping-rack”. And to loosen that area a little bit, they forcibly insert their entire forearm into the cow’s anus. Continue reading The Truth Behind Dairy Products