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A Society Addicted to Palm Oil?

We eat it, we shower with it, we clean with it and we drive with it. Palm Oil is a primary ingredient used in every other food. Nevertheless, it is included in more products than you would think, because food is not the only product that contains Palm Oil. You can find it in our cosmetics, in shampoo, in cleaning products and of course in fuels. Actually, Palm Oil has become an essential part in our lives, without us noticing it. It is pretty cheap for the companies and you can use it for various things. However, considering how dependent we are of it, and how much of it we consume every day, we need to be aware that it is destroying the rainforest incredibly fast.   Continue reading A Society Addicted to Palm Oil?

Organic Clothes and Labels

Currently there are many shops that promote their new “organic cotton series”. But are these clothes really in any way better and more organic than others? Yes, they are better than “normal” clothes because thecottony really need less water and use fewer pesticides in the cultivation. Well, actually, in organic cotton clothes there should not be any pesticides, right? The thing is that most of these clothes are blended, which means that only a part of it is organic and the other part is just normal conventional cotton. Another thing you have to bear in mind is that cultivation is only one part of the whole production chain.

In a production chain you have many different steps and during each step more and more chemicals and pesticides are added. First comes of course the cultivation but then there are still so many other steps: the spinning, the sewing, the washing, the dying, and so on… So when a piece of clothing is made with organic cotton you could still find many pesticides inside it. Continue reading Organic Clothes and Labels