Anoles- about their habits and the care factors

For about a month now, these three small animals have made my life a lot brighter! It is very exciting to watch these lizards climbing around in the terrarium! In this article, I will give detailed information about these incredibly interesting coldblooded animals; about their habits and care factors

The animal

The Anole is a very active lizard, that makes your terrarium come alive at day. The up to 20 cm large lizard from Florida is a very special lizard because it has similarities with chameleons and also with geckos, the Anole is enabled of changing its colour and also to climb up surfaces like glass. One other special thing about it is, that its eyes can be looking into different directions.


The Anole needs a terrarium that is very high, because the Anole is habituated in the trees. The place in the terrarium, that is the coldest in the terrarium, must be at least 25° or more. Because the Anoles are warmth-loving animals, there has to be a place for them to warm up; about 30-40°, just like in their natural habitat.        Feeding is not very difficult – most of the anoles you get at a petshop are used to having a pot of little insects and a little bowl with fruits.

The most exciting thing in an anoles life is the spring /summertime, when the males court; they open up their dewlaps, coloured from a rose-red up to a beautiful pink. Some of the Anoles also make sounds, just like doves. I personally prefer to have these reptiles, because they don’t do much work and they are really beautiful.

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