The effects of group sports

Sportacrobatics, Chearleading or Rock `n` Roll dance… all these sports that I have just listed are group sports. Group sports have been a really big part of my life since I was only four years old, Sportacrobatics is my favorite one. In this text I will list a few effects that being in a group sport can have and why I would definitely recommend taking up a group sport.

While doing a group sport that is a lot of fun for you, you are also socialising. You´re making new friends and you will probably be around those people 3-5 times a week. So as I basically just said performing a group sport can help you find a lot of new, interesting and fun people. As a matter of fact I met my best friend in my Gym Club. While doing a group sport you must be able to interact with other people. You have to be aware of certain responsibilities like showing up on time, catching you partner and generally keeping them out of danger. There are just some things you really have to do, not for yourself, but for your teammates.

People who get really serious about their sport are often in the gym five times a week or even more. The sport now is not only a hobby but maybe already a lifestyle. Which brings me to my next point.


At the point where your sport becomes a lifestyle you don´t really have a lot of free time. Everyday pretty much becomes the same. Getting up in the morning, going to school, going to training, studying and doing your homework and at the end of the day just going to bed again. Now this lifestyle is not for everybody but at a specific age I would truly recommend it. You won´t be finding yourself drinking alcohol, smoking or even doing drugs. And why you ask? First of all, you just won´t have the time for any of those things and secondly you know that you would truly disappoint your teammates, which is a risk that most people are not willing to take. Taking risks. This is another one of my points.

Taking risks is usually something your parents, teachers or maybe friends are telling you to avoid. Sometimes it´s true. I wouldn´t be able to take any types of risks either. But taking some risks is really something you don´t need to be afraid of. When you´re doing new skills with someone spotting you or a big matt beside of you won´t be so scared. It´s taking the courage and the risk to do all those things alone. Taking risks is actually a big part of life. For example in the business world. When opening a new company, you are taking a huge risk. Will it succeed? Will it fail? You won´t know until you just do it. In the worst scenario you can always go back to an alternative.

A lot of athletes end up becoming business owners. They already know a lot of steps that it will take to open a new business. They know how to communicate and interact with other people, they spent a lot of time in what they want to accomplish and last but definitely not least. They take a risk! All of the things you may do incautiously while doing a group sport may really help you in your future.

So this was my point of view on group sports and why I think doing such can be very helpful in your later on life. I hope I convinced some of you to just think about it and maybe even do it. Feel free to leave a comment on your point of view! I would be very interested. Have a great week

Ps: Click here to watch a video of the Sportacrobatics World Championships 2014 in France. A perfect example of a group sport.

Hannah Hayat-Dawoodi

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