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What I Think About American Football

Why is American Football so complicated? My mother’s boyfriend adores American Football and he also played professional football when he was younger. Since he’s been in our family he has watched American Football whenever he’s got time to do so. Sometimes we watch a game together or go to a stadium to watch it there, and to be honest I think it’s the most complicated thing I’ve ever seen! Continue reading What I Think About American Football

What a Catch, Donnie! It’s Fall Out Boy!


From punk rock to soul they have everything covered. Four guys, one mission: Save Rock and Roll. Let me present to you Fall Out Boy, one of the best bands ever. *Audience cheering enthusiastically*

Patrick Stump is the lead vocalist, as well as a guitarist, pianist and composer for Fall Out Boy. He has an impressive vocal range and during the band’s hiatus he produced the album Soul Punk fully on his own which is absolutely amazing. To be honest, he is my favorite band member! If people tell me they don’t like Patrick, I am always stumped *ba dum tss*     

Continue reading What a Catch, Donnie! It’s Fall Out Boy!

Every Student’s Worst Enemy


What would you say is stopping you the most from being successful in school? Teachers who have their favorites? Jealous pupils? No. It’s procrastination. You can’t imagine how many days I’ve procrastinated writing this post and how much time I’ve spent on the internet looking at procrastination memes to prepare to write this text.

I’m sure every one of you has procrastinated at least once, whether it was doing homework, studying for a test or cleaning your room. Right now I am procrastinating studying for my Maths exam, Continue reading Every Student’s Worst Enemy

Billionaire, Playboy, Philanthropist…and this one isn’t Robert Downey, Jr.

The psychology of the character of Batman, and his real identity, Bruce Wayne

Everybody who is moderately familiar with pop culture since the 1940’s has heard of “the Batman”. Two of the reasons the Dark Knight is such an icon among fans of the comics and the movies alike are:

  1. He wears a disguise
  2. He fights evil

Neither of these really sets him apart, do they? Well, there is a third reason that Batman’s character stands out: Continue reading Billionaire, Playboy, Philanthropist…and this one isn’t Robert Downey, Jr.

Shee-ran to (the) TOP

I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to write about at first, so I did what I always do when I’m searching for inspiration… Look through my phone. I have tons of screenshots of things that interest me, but then I thought that no one would read this if I just kept going on about my newly found Vespa addiction and Supernatural conspiracies, so I decided to write about another topic without which I coudn’t live… Music… so here are my Top 6 Singers/Bands. Continue reading Shee-ran to (the) TOP

Blog – How to have the best vacation of your life

Like most people I love traveling! Love going through a city I’ve never been to, listening to the sound of languages I don’t understand, sometimes I even love those strange tourists. Today, I want to show you how you should plan your visit in order to have the best vacations of your life!

1.) Take the right people with you!

I think going on holiday with the right people makes up at least 70% of what you need to have a nice time. Every one of us knows what it’s like to go on holiday with the wrong people. You can avoid all this stress and any stupid conversations by just taking the right people with you! Maybe your parents, your children, your siblings or your friends. Just see who is delighted by the thought of spending time with you! Continue reading Blog – How to have the best vacation of your life

“Dead Lesbian Syndrome” aka. “Bury Your Gays”

Many people would argue that queer representation on TV has improved a lot over the last few years. And it has. There is no denying that there are more non-straight characters on TV now than there were thirty years ago. But it isn’t as great as it is painted to be.

Since 1976, 11% of series on TV have had a lesbian or bisexual character, and of those, 65% have had a deceased queer character. 31% of lesbian characters no longer on TV have died and only 11% of those have had a happy ending. This phenomenon has a name: Dead Lesbian Syndrome. Continue reading “Dead Lesbian Syndrome” aka. “Bury Your Gays”