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Hello there! I am a student visiting the 9th grade in Austria. Outside of school I love to do sports, especially dancing and playing 'Ultimate Frisbee'. I am definitely not an experienced blogger but I'd like to start sharing my opinion with the world. :)

How to live a healthy life

I guess everybody wants to live a healthy life. But what can we do to encourage healthy living?

One really important aspect is food. Vegetables and fruits contain important vitamins our bodies need. The perfect amount of vegetables and fruits one should eat per day are 4 to 5 portions. We have such a wide range of healthy food we can choose from and it really helps our bodies to stay fit. Of course meat and eggs and also carbohydrates are really important for our health, but only in limited amounts. Continue reading How to live a healthy life

Bully or Victim?

I bet every one of us has seen someone being bullied. But did we actually do something to help?

When I was in kindergarten there was a girl who never played with the others. She didn’t have friends. Soon some boys started laughing at her and saying mean things to her. During the following weeks the situation got worse! They started stealing her shoes and jackets but none of the adults noticed anything. However a lot of kids, including me, saw what the girl was going through but no one did anything to help her. Continue reading Bully or Victim?