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Hello! I’m a student in 9th grade. I love doing sports and especially volleyball. I adore spending time with my friends and family. I have never written a blog before but as I have to do it for English class I’m writing some now. I'm very interested in sports, food, music and tv shows but less in natural sciences like biology and chemistry.

We are All Humans

I think most of you know that in many societies there are problems with intolerance and racism. This is  a horrible thing because my opinion is that every single one of us is a human who has their own colour of skin, their own way they like to dress, the right to live and the right to be treated as everyone else.

Racism is a big issue at the moments, especially bcause of the refugee crisis in Europe. Yes, it is hard to have so many people coming to Europe at once, but imagine you and your family in their situation. You would also like another county to help you in such a situation. Those refugees come from countries where war is ongoing and their economies are terrible. They are terrified of getting killed or losing their families. Because of this they come to Europe, and I think the whole thing is harder for them than it is for us. It’s not a solution to send them back or close the borders, because our countries have enough space and enough money to handle the stream of people coming to them. We can manage. Continue reading We are All Humans

Germany’s Next Topmodel

Are you following the show “Germany’s Next Topmodel“? The show is currently on season 11. This year the jury consists of Heidi Klum, Thomas Hayo and Michael Michalski.

This year they decided to split the 20 girls up into two teams – Team Thomas and Team Michael. I don’t think that this was the best idea because when there are only 2 contestants left on one team they can’t just kick out one of them, because it would be unfair for one team to only have one member left. In the past years the contestants advancement only depended on the performance and the strength a model had in the past week, but in the current season this doesn’t seem to matter as much, because the teams need to stay balanced. Also I think that when there were no teams the candidates were rated more equally, because now of course the team leader doesn’t treat the other team the same way he treats his own. Continue reading Germany’s Next Topmodel

What I Think About American Football

Why is American Football so complicated? My mother’s boyfriend adores American Football and he also played professional football when he was younger. Since he’s been in our family he has watched American Football whenever he’s got time to do so. Sometimes we watch a game together or go to a stadium to watch it there, and to be honest I think it’s the most complicated thing I’ve ever seen! Continue reading What I Think About American Football