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I’m quoting other people because they are just so much better at finding words for how I feel.

A Supernatural Show

Hey everybody!
Today I would like to talk about something, that I am very surprised I haven’t written about before, since it is such a huge part of my life… ladies and gentlemen (and other creatures of sort) let me introduce you to “Supernatural” and if you don’t know what that is, how is that even possible?

Supernatural is a very popular TV-Series created by Eric Kripke and Robert Singer. Supernatural has just recently finished it’s 11th  season with a 95% Chance that there will be a 12th coming out next year. In Supernatural you will find anything that you can think of, from demons to vampires, to man-strabbing unicorns. It’s a series in which angels are hated and everybody loves Lucifer. They have created a world where God is a bisexual alcoholic and pexpletive never die. Well, they can die but they will never really stay dead for lone…it’s complicated. Continue reading A Supernatural Show

Shipping for beginners

In the Fandom-world shipping is nothing uncommon, I think everybody has shipped something at some point in their life, even without realizing it. But for all of those who don’t necessarily know what shipping even is I’ll try to explain it, and everything that comes with it.

Shipping is the act of really liking the idea of two people being in a relationship. There are thousands of ships out there, and there are no limits to shipping… you can ship your brother with that one girl he keeps talking about, you can ship yourself with that one amazing book-character, you can ship a model with a singer, two bandmates, your parents, your pets even your houseplants! Certain Fandoms have their own really popular ships, like Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter for example, but what would a ship be without a shipname. Continue reading Shipping for beginners

Shee-ran to (the) TOP

I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to write about at first, so I did what I always do when I’m searching for inspiration… Look through my phone. I have tons of screenshots of things that interest me, but then I thought that no one would read this if I just kept going on about my newly found Vespa addiction and Supernatural conspiracies, so I decided to write about another topic without which I coudn’t live… Music… so here are my Top 6 Singers/Bands. Continue reading Shee-ran to (the) TOP