What I Think About American Football

Why is American Football so complicated? My mother’s boyfriend adores American Football and he also played professional football when he was younger. Since he’s been in our family he has watched American Football whenever he’s got time to do so. Sometimes we watch a game together or go to a stadium to watch it there, and to be honest I think it’s the most complicated thing I’ve ever seen!

It’s all about musclemen from two different teams which have names like “Buffalo Bills“, “New York Giants“ or “Carolina Panthers“. I’ve noticed they are often named after animals, I don’t know what lions, seahawks and dolphins have to do with American Football but that’s just the way it is. The teams have to run towards each other and throw themselves onto other players… and what’s the point of it? I honestly have no idea. A friend of mine is a football player too and he tried to explain the rules and the aim of the game to me but it didn’t sink into my brain… I personally think it`s too difficult to understand and I would be really thankful for any help understanding it.

I only know the basics. For example that one team is separated in  two groups: the offense and the defense. The offense is trying to score points by making touchdowns, field goals and safeties – whatever those are. The defense is trying to stop the other team so it won’t score a point.

At the moment I’m trying to figure out how it really works by watching some of the Graz Giants games, whose games my mother’s boyfriend is partly moderating.

I like football because it’s a pretty cool sport and I LOVE football uniforms! They look incredibly cool! I like the ones the Giants wear the most because they have a combination of yellow, blue and white which looks awesome.

This is all the knowledge I have about American Football but I’m going to gain some more in the future.

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