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I am a student and I spend half my live binge-watching TV shows and reading books. (Actually it’s more than half but I had to write it since my teacher is able to see this!) I’m not able to function without music or wifi, for that matter. I hope, whoever is reading this, likes my blog posts and just so you know, feedback and comments are greatly appreciated.

Flying over the TOP

Obviously different, maybe a little crazy but definitely amazing, that’s the duo consisting of Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun. Tyler is the crazy vocalist, he can sing like you wouldn’t believe and Josh plays the drums like he’s been doing it forever. These two formed the band in 2009 and called it 21 Pilots. Tyler also plays the piano and occasionally the ukulele. Most of their songs they write together. These two can be so adorable together!

I especially love Josh’s hair at the moment since he has dyed it red to match the album cover which is so cool. Fun fact: He did it himself! Continue reading Flying over the TOP

What a Catch, Donnie! It’s Fall Out Boy!


From punk rock to soul they have everything covered. Four guys, one mission: Save Rock and Roll. Let me present to you Fall Out Boy, one of the best bands ever. *Audience cheering enthusiastically*

Patrick Stump is the lead vocalist, as well as a guitarist, pianist and composer for Fall Out Boy. He has an impressive vocal range and during the band’s hiatus he produced the album Soul Punk fully on his own which is absolutely amazing. To be honest, he is my favorite band member! If people tell me they don’t like Patrick, I am always stumped *ba dum tss*     

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