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Hey there! How are you?;) The goal of my blogs is that you get inspired and maybe also get interested in the topics I’m writing about. I like to question things and I am interested in psychology. I am an active girl and I like adventures, sports, watching sunsets,cooking, playing the piano etc.. So basically everything which is not boring stuff like just sitting on the couch and watching TV. Instead of doing that you can for example just read one of my blogs?;) They are not perfect, cause nobody and nothing is, but the topics I am writing about really interest me and I also want to convince you from my ideas and just say how I feel about it.

We should help all women to get more rights!

Some weeks ago I read the astonishing book “I am Malala“. After reading it I started to think about it and I decided to write a blog about women’s rights and how we can promote this idea.

So if I take the book “I am Malala“ as an example I should start by giving you some background information on her. She’s a girl, born in Afghanistan and some years ago had to move to England because she almost lost her life. This was because she was fighting for women’s rights and the Taliban didn’t want that (and still don’t) and so they shot her in the head. I think everyone has at least heard of Malala and her story, if not then you had better read this book, because I think especially for the younger generation it’s important for us to know about these brave people, who are risking their lives, to make a change in the world. Malala, she was just fifteen years old! Fifteen years, can you believe how brave this girl was/is? Continue reading We should help all women to get more rights!

Why you have to read: The Diary of Anne Frank




On Anne’s thirteenth birthday, her parents gave her a diary. She was very excited to have something where she could write down her secret thoughts. Even though she had a rich social life, she felt misunderstood by everyone she knew. So she started to write her diary to a imaginary girl named Kitty. Continue reading Why you have to read: The Diary of Anne Frank