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Exam Stress? Oh, no!

Hello! If you are a student and need some tips for school you should definitely read this blog.

Exam Stress? I’m sure that I’m not the only one who always gets extremely nervous before tests, therefore I want to give you some of my little lifehacks. Of course you won’t get rid of all the stress, but some useful tips are always helpful.

If you like to chew chewing gum I have a great tip for you! Let’s say you are studying for your next Geography test. For each subject take a different taste because if you study for the test and always chew the same chewing gum with the same flavour and then do the exact same thing when you have the test, immediately you will be in that flow. Furthermore if I chew something during my test it calms me a bit. Continue reading Exam Stress? Oh, no!

Body Image With The Hilarious Amy Schumer

Hey YOU! In this blog I want to discuss a really important topic that affects many women worldwide. Just keep reading…

I love Amy Schumer and that was where I got my inspiration from for writing this blog. You might wonder now who Amy Schumer exactly is. First of all Amy Schumer is an American celebrity, although she is not that famous in Europe. Since she was born (1981) she lived in New York. She is a comedian and a feminist.

She has her own sketch comedy television series called “Inside Amy Schumer”, of which she is the creator, co-producer and co-writer. Her show consists of short comedy clips, which often cover serious topics, for example, body image problems. Continue reading Body Image With The Hilarious Amy Schumer

Keeping your body fit & healthy

In our modern society many young people do not care about their health. This text is going to provide you with some tips and tricks for a better life.

Why should I exercise and do sports?

First of all, sports and movement is really important for our bodies. Next, you activate and train all your muscles when exercising. For example, if you don’t do any sports your muscles will get weaker and you will not be as fit as a person who does sports a few times a week.

Continue reading Keeping your body fit & healthy

My privately organized exchange to the Mid-West + some Advices to help you out if you are considering doing that, too.

I just came back from a two month exchange to Iowa. It was a great time and I want to share this experience with you.

Last year we had an exchange student in our class. His name was Pete, he lived with an older kid I happened to know. We spent a lot of time together and he came up with the idea that I should visit him. At  the end of his trip, his mom came over and she made it official: I was going to go to the states! Continue reading My privately organized exchange to the Mid-West + some Advices to help you out if you are considering doing that, too.


Today many people all around the world are vegetarians. In the last few years the number of vegetarians has increased enormously. In Austria aroun
d 2% of the population lives vegetarian, and 13% of students exclude meat from their diet. I for myself have always enjoyed eating meat, therefore it was even harder for me to let go of it. In this blog entry I want to share some of my personal experiences and give some tips on how to become a vegetarian.

I’ve always eaten meat,
and I’ve algmiasways enjoyed it. However, this February I decided to change my diet rapidly. I became a vegetarian overnight.
In the last few years I always tried not to eat meat during lend, but this year I wanted to stay “Veggie”. Another reason for my sudden change was that I felt that meat was not doing any good to my health. I realized that every time I ate meat I felt a weird felling afterwards. It felt as if something constantly tried to drag me down, I felt tired and unenergetic. Therefore I came to the conclusion that living as a vegetarian (for a while) would help me regain my fitness.
The first days were the hardest, however, I stayed strong.

“What do you eat for dinner?” was one of the most common questions. But to be honest, it wasn’t that big of a deal to find vegetarian alternatives. Once the first weeks were over, I realized that I didn’t miss meat at all. I actually enjoyed my life without it. I felt way more energetic than ever before.

Concerning my diet, I mainly focused on vegetables, different grains and eggs. I know many people associate “veggie” food with tofu. However, from my point of view tofu and soy products in general are not a proper alternative. Often soy beans are grown in huge plantations somewhere in South America or Asia. The destroyed rainforest and long ways of transportation a bitter connotation. Moreover, I don’t like the taste of it.

Here are some tips and tricks on how to forget about meat.
First of all avoid eating fast food. Often the temptation is too big and you cannot resist that bacon burger anymore. Especially during the first weeks you should prepare food yourself and not buy it on the way. However, if you do want to go out to eat something, vegetarian restaurants are gaining in popularity all around the world. I live in a pretty small town, but even here in Graz we have several vegetarian restaurants. For example: Mangold, Gingko, Café Erde…

If you follow these simple tips everybody can become vegetarian.
Although I’m not a 100% vegetarian, I try to exclude meat as much as possible and I still enjoy eating and especially cooking vegetarian. In my opinion two or three meat-free days a week are indeed very beneficial to your health and your body.

Issues that Affect Students: Exam Stress

In this blog I want to write about exam stress, one of the biggest problems for students in daily life. Not only does it make the students nervous, which can lead to problems such as sleep deprivation, but many start cancelling free time activities such as organized sports, which can lead to health problems when combined with little sleep. In addition, studying for exams leads to sitting for hours on end, which is known to decrease health as well. Continue reading Issues that Affect Students: Exam Stress

Are they really as domesticated as we think?

Cats, one of mankind’s favourite pets, but how much do we really know about them?

It is true that dogs were domesticated a long time before cats. Dogs have been people’s companions since the Stone Age. There are many different opinions on when cats were first domesticated. We find the first real proof of domestication in Egypt. One thing is certain though, the domestication of cats started once people began to settle. Due to the fact that cats hunted down the rodents that would otherwise have damaged the harvest, people accepted cats. Consequently… Continue reading Are they really as domesticated as we think?

Why You Should Join A Sports Team

As students, most young people spend many hours a day sitting and studying, at least 5-6 hours in school and several more in the afternoon. Then often, when they do have free time, a lot of students just want to relax and sit around even more. Of course everybody knows that this is unhealthy but many lack the motivation to work out after a long day of school. This combination of no exercise and often also a poor diet can have devastating effects on students’ health. Continue reading Why You Should Join A Sports Team

How To Make Your Dog Useful

There are more than 450 million dogs in the world right now, making them one of the most popular pets. What people often forget is that training your dogs isn’t just an annoying necessity but it can be really helpful too.
I originally trained my dog to do these tricks for movies, but since I am an incredibly lazy person, I soon started to use them in day-to-day life. Continue reading How To Make Your Dog Useful