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Exploring The World

In this blog entry I want to tell you about one of my favorite things in life. As you may already noticed from the title, I love travelling.

For me travelling the world is a thing that I could do all the time. I love to experience new things and to get to know new people. My whole family is looking for new adventures all the time, when we go on holiday together, we can’t just sit at the pool and get tanned, we all need action, doing something we can’t do in Austria is kind of inspiriting us on these trips. Now that I’m old enough … Continue reading Exploring The World

My personal experiences in an Arabic country

As the war in Syria is a big issue, many people flee to Europe. Most of them or maybe all are Muslims; I can imagine that many of you are a bit suspicious about the women, veiled in dark cloth. Maybe you´ve also heard many rumours about men letting women do all the work. I can tell you some things about my life in Libya, although it was the time Gaddafi ruled, and I was very. But I can still remember some things. Continue reading My personal experiences in an Arabic country