Body Image With The Hilarious Amy Schumer

Hey YOU! In this blog I want to discuss a really important topic that affects many women worldwide. Just keep reading…

I love Amy Schumer and that was where I got my inspiration from for writing this blog. You might wonder now who Amy Schumer exactly is. First of all Amy Schumer is an American celebrity, although she is not that famous in Europe. Since she was born (1981) she lived in New York. She is a comedian and a feminist.

She has her own sketch comedy television series called “Inside Amy Schumer”, of which she is the creator, co-producer and co-writer. Her show consists of short comedy clips, which often cover serious topics, for example, body image problems.
She even shows herself without makeup in her episode called “Girl you don’t need make-up” and wants to make women feel confident and strong the way they look – and yes exactly you, who are reading this, you should be comfortable in your own skin. It takes celebrities hours to look the way we see them in public and all those photos in magazines are manipulated with photoshop to make them look even more perfect. Why should you care about them? Amy Schumer has been to Hollywood and says that celebrities have also problems with their skin or struggle with what to wear… See? They are also just human beings.
The clips are short and fun to watch, but behind some of them are real messages she wants to pass to other people out there via comedy. Her first season of “Inside Amy Schumer” in 2013 was so popular that she is currently already on her fourth season.

Recently she was mentioned in the magazine “Glamour” as being plus sized because of her body type. She posted on Instagram and also held a speech that this isn’t cool, because she doesn’t want young girls seeing her as a plus size and as a celebrity you are always somehow a role model. Why “plus” size and not just which size do you have? Amy Schumer is a powerful woman who worked really hard for that what she is today. Although she can afford expensive clothing since the last few years, she admits that you need to feel comfortable in your outfit that’s why some of her clothes are from “Forever 21”.

In addition to all that, she is also doing stand-up comedy. Currently she is on a tour through the United States, which is the reason why I unfortunately can’t see it. However, this August her very first book is going to be published and I am already very excited about it. It is called “The girl with the lower back tattoo” and it is said to be a series of comedic essays about her childhood and feminist politics. Just in case you need a fun book for your summer holidays! 😉

Additionally to her comedy career she is the protagonist in Trainwreck. Trainwreck belongs to my absolute favourite movies because she is an excellent actress and the movie is simply hilarious. The movie was written by her and is about a girl who loves to party and had many one night stands like her dad in earlier times and does not understand her sister Kim who believes in monogamy, until one day she gets the assignment from her boss to interview a sports doctor… You have to laugh a lot, but also the emotional part of the movie is as good as the rest of it. Amy Schumer won a Golden Globe for the Best Actress in Trainwreck.

I have only given you the essential facts in this blog, but if you want to know more about certain things just let me know and I will answer your questions. Thank you for reading my blog and I really recommend the movie Trainwreck to you!








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