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Hello, my name is Thomas and I am from Austria. I interested in sports & traveling. I really like skiing, soccer and tennis. I am still in school and have no experience with blogging. I believe that the world can be changed to a more positive way, but not immediately, but in a few years.

Keeping your body fit & healthy

In our modern society many young people do not care about their health. This text is going to provide you with some tips and tricks for a better life.

Why should I exercise and do sports?

First of all, sports and movement is really important for our bodies. Next, you activate and train all your muscles when exercising. For example, if you don’t do any sports your muscles will get weaker and you will not be as fit as a person who does sports a few times a week.

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Visiting Camp Nou

No trip to Barcelona is complete without visting Camp Nou. At some point of your life you have to visit Camp Nou, especially as a soccer fan.
The Camp Nou stadium in Barcelona is the biggest soccer stadium in Europe and has a capacity of about 100.000 people. From the outside the stadium does not look as big as it actually is. That’s because the football pitch in the staduim is lower than the surrounding ground. Nevertheless, it looks really big from the outside. Continue reading Visiting Camp Nou